female mind control system

within the Bhagavad Gita – the Bible of the Hindus – human existence is depicted, metaphorically and with eloquence, as a war between the human thoughts and the eternal Soul.

The Gita is ready on a battlefield and describes a historic, in addition to mystical, occasion. This occasion virtually occurred at Kurukshetra, close to present-day New Delhi.

The metaphor for the battlefield at Kurukshetra is a warfare inside the body among biological and spiritual forces – and the Soul’s steady conflict to achieve self-cognizance even as in the human frame. even as the Gita’s depiction of human war from bondage may be very creative in its metaphors, it is also very realistic, via presenting religious advice and techniques for the eternal Soul to win the war and regain the lost kingdom of joy, eternal peace and freedom from human bondage.

people, with the aid of layout, are certainly endowed with a mind that helps make feel of the arena and lets in the Soul to revel in itself in the world of count number and duality.

The thoughts willpowers and governs the 5 main senses: contact, scent, flavor, sight and listening to. hence, the mind is the King of the senses. just like a king needs to reign over his area to set up supremacy, in similar metaphorical manner, the thoughts is preoccupied with fulfilling the 5 senses within the each day revel in of life. the important thing to shifting beyond these bodily boundaries is observed in following the breath. The mind is probably king of the five senses, but the breath is the conqueror of the thoughts.