How Neurological Problems Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction


If you have erectile dysfunction, you may actually have a neurological disorder that is affecting your ability to perform.

You may also have nerve disorders, both of which can cause devastating effects in regard to your ability to have a good sexual performance.

Your ability to maintain an erection, or even achieve one, can be compromised when these problems are occurring.

Here are some of the top neurological disorders that have actually been shown to impede a person’s ability to get an erection.

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Neurological Problems That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

These problems may occur as a result of having a stroke, or developing multiple sclerosis.

You might have tumors that develop in your brain or in your spine. If you have Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s, these are also problems that can occur.

multiple sclerosis

If you have ever had temporal lobe epilepsy, or prostate gland surgery, these are all physical and mental problems that can lead to erectile dysfunction which your doctor may be able to help you resolve with certain treatments.

Parkinson’s disease

After you have been to your doctor, and they have diagnosed you with one of these conditions, you will know what is going on. Should be able to get back to normal after you receive certain treatments that are available.